mardi 10 juin 2014

Meeting Kyra and some more Cosmic

Kyra came to visit Paris with her soon-to-be husband for her birthday !
We stole some of their time to meet-up in Ladurée, then spend some time in the Tuileries garden and in the Louvre, all under the sun and with happy faces. I leave you with (mostly) silly pictures~

This, my dears, is truly lolita porn.

By the way, we founded the School for Gifted Lolitas while we were there. Guess what our special powers may be ? (Not seriousness, that's for sure.)


And then, for some more silliness, my favourite pictures of our day in Cosmic~ I stole most of these pictures from Mila-dear

Props © Kunika ;D

Lots of love on you !

4 commentaires:

  1. You all looked amazing! Kyra and Dom are such a sweet couple, im glad they have so many friends in France! :3♡

  2. Your pictures are gorgeous as ever! Lovely outfits. <3

  3. Hi! I just realized that you linked my blog here and I feel so overwhelmed and honored ;___; Thank you so, so much! I really adore all of your, and your friends' outfits. It's simply a pleasure to look at all the gorgeous pics and I hope you'll post a lot of them as well in the future! You're truly an inspiration <3

    1. Hi~ I just recently found your blog, or it would have already been done long ago ! I love how you style your hats, your princess dresses (looking at you, Robe vert clair) and just your sense of style in general. And you take gorgeous pictures too. So the pleasure is mine as well ! Actually you've really inspired me to give a try at OTT classic someday, with muck lighter colours like pink and a gorgeous hat.

      I will continue to take and post many pictures, that's a promise ! Please do so as well <3