samedi 16 août 2014

Liebster Blog Award (Tag only)

I was tagged by the lovely Rocaille for the Liebster Blog Award ! This is so, so nice of her. I've admired her blog and style for years. I am very happy she thought of me.

Now, one's meant answer the question, say eleven interesting things about themselves, and then tag eleven people with his or her own (new) questions. But I am the worst at this and follow too few blogs to dare to do it... And so I will only answer the tag for now. I hope you'll excuse me for this; I always always break the chain...

  • 1. How did you discover the main subject (or theme) of your blog?
Naturally. I post about everything fashion-related. I needed a space to do just that — along with the occasional photography and art posting or (more rarely) poetry writing when I need it. Oh and silly posts. All in one !

  • 2. Have you ever played an instrument (voice counts)? What kind of music did you feel (or would you feel) allowed you to best express yourself?
 I played violin and classic guitar when I was young. I always regreted stopping the violin. It still is my favourite instrument. And I would have loved to be able to sing. Choir singing and Sopor-Aeternus-violin-passages would have made my musical life complete. I miss this, even now.

  • 3. If you could design and grow a large garden, how might you describe the experience of exploring it?
 It would be an English garden, with plants and flowers growing everywhere to their liking; and it'd be a little dark because of all the shades; making it deliciously refreshing in Summer; and it'd have this heavy atmopshere and scents that brings you back to childhood, in the same way as concrete smells when rain hits it on very hot days : this almost unbearable heaviness would make me feel hesitant to explore it alone. But it would be very beautiful, and wild.

  • 4. What’s one recipe you usually have great success with?
My father's very simple and very special croque-monsieur ! He learnt it when he (or one of his brothers, can't remember) worked in a restaurant. Because of this I don't technically have the recipe... But I make it very well (ask Mila !) And that's about it. I prefer baking over cooking, and then I still only rarely do it.

  • 5. For fun, what is your Myers-Briggs personality type, and do you think it adequately sums up the way you think and work?
I am INFP in Myers-Briggs' type, and dear, I never found more accurate.
I need to be inspired to function, and I need to create — something, anything in order to feel right. I listen a lot to other people's problems, I feel the best when I'm helping someone. Though it also depresses me most of the time, because I tend to be deeply affected by other's emotions. I am also very very loyal and dedicated to the people I love. I don't really care about recieving credit, but when something goes right, I am happy. I won't do compromises about something important to me. Easily bored except for things that matters, and very extreme in my emotions; in short if I love something, you'll know it. I live for those things. Also always in a search of absolute, avoiding conflict, and very sensitive.

  • 6. What was your week like?
I came home from two weeks at my darling's place and all I do is taking pictures and watching series, right now.

  • 7. Based on the subject of your blog (if appropriate), what would your dream outfit be (style, materials, details)?
White. Flowy, albeit contructed. A big hat with flowers and soft draping, a long dress with long sleeves, well adjusted at the waist; quite poofy. A cape on top of that, with a big bow at the neck. And lacy gloves. 

  • 8. Think about a favourite pet: what particular thing about them did/do you fondly love about them?
My cat. I am badly allergic to cats, so I can't pet her — but I feel that she knows that and never asks for anything. She simply spends her days in my room with me.

  • 9. Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
 I can't really project myself into the future, and so I have no idea. I wish to create something that is good enough to have an exhibition one day, though, if it can be considered a valid answer.

  • 10. What’s one of your favourite places to visit?
My friend's ! I have very few friends, but I always feel right with them. That, and everywhere the ocean can be seen. 

  • 11. What is one of your biggest sources of inspiration?
 Life ? Life as a creation. And people. Artists of course, but ultimately everyone. Happy people. Those who are perservering. Everyone who thinks and who searches and who is inspire me, because that is so, so incredibly hard. Enthusiastic and kind people are those who inspire me the most.

And so I found dried flowers in a sketchbook the other day...

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