mercredi 3 septembre 2014

Drawing commissions

Current status : open

Don't hesitate to browse my drawing tag for more examples. You can also absolutely request a specific style !

For any request, please send an email at
Paypal only, payment requested upfront.
Average time to complete ~1 week including the first phase where you'll approve the first sketch.
I will send the final png to you by e-mail in high res (minimum 2000 px width, 300 dpi).
The prices listed here are for personal use only. You are free to use the commissioned picture as you wish provided that it is not for any commercial use.

Commercial inquiries also welcome !

What I will draw

- portraits & full bodies
- original designs, fan art, you
- pairings / couples
- nude

What I will not draw

- explicit sexual content

What I will need

- a precise description of what you want me to draw, the more details the better !
- reference pictures

Prices based on examples below

1. Monochrome — 15 euros
Additional character +5 euros

2. Colored — 20 euros
Additional character +10 euros

 3. Painting (portrait only) — 35 euros
Painting from a picture, requires a good photo to work from !

4. Special ! Wardrobe paper doll — 20 euros
Featuring your favourite pieces. Or whatever you wish, in fact.
(Including 3-4 main pieces plus accessories, you will get a png picture + psd file including layers)


Extra - examples of commercial and associative works

That's about it, please send an email ( or comment below if you have any question !

1 commentaire:

  1. Unfff c'est trop tentant, tes commissions devraient s'appeler "Draw me like one of your french pastries" @_@
    Beaucoup de succès pour toi ! Je souhaite qu'en apportant du bonheur à des gens avec tes dessins tu permettes également à Mila de se rapprocher de sa Robe Vert Clair x))
    Maintenant je m'en vais me rouler en boule dans un coin me faire du mal psychologiquement en pensant à tes dessins u_u