mercredi 30 avril 2014

Random outfits

Some forgotten pictures of trying on outfits from the past few months... I changed rooms since then so those will be the last ones with my pretty-but-too-dark purple walls that needed a copious amount of filters to be somewhat balanced !

Or... Not technically the last ones because I have a set in EGA style that's been sitting in my drafts for almost a year. Oops.

 Dearli dress, J&J waistcoat, my mother's pouch

Algonquins JSK, FoxCherry hat, H&M tights, TUK shoes

Dearli dress, Alice Auaa underskirt, J&J necklace

J&J JSK and necklace, handmade headdress of thorns~

Engraving illustrations always make my heart beat fast.

lundi 28 avril 2014

London — bonus !

A short little detour by London again, I hope you all watched Enchanted featured on kawaii International this week-end. Gifs courtesy of Alex, thank you so much !


Mila also made wonderful gifs for our personal use. You'd be jealous to see them, I am sure.

By the way, Lunie just posted the most epic pictures from our second night in London (AKA Goth club experiment), so I'm stealing them and posting them here. I love them too much. Never underestimate the power of the tank.

A wonderful pun is hidden in these pictures, I hope you won't miss it ! (We did. Terribly. I just realized, and laughed way too much.)


samedi 26 avril 2014

Randomly (April)

Last week, my deer and I were supposed to take a few pictures, and so we got dressed up in which seems now like Easter-themed outfits (chocolate and bunnies...) but in the end we did not have any time even for the smallest of photoshoots (between going to the movies and being on time at the restaurant... We're leading a very busy life, you know !)

I had borrowed her wonderful hat, jacket and the Miho Matsuda short I need the most in my life, along with those bunny thights I bought for her at Enchanted~ I felt uncomfortable wearing them first and before her, but fortunately my darling doesn't care about such things (*ノ▽ノ)

 Wednesday evening was the Maid Café event at Kawaii café, organized by the gyaru circle "Diamant Rose". Unfortunately no gyaru showed up... But we were all there to support the cutest maid that ever was !
 The beautiful team~ It was nice to see Sui and Tro-Tro at the bar, we rarely meet up there. We were joined later by Clafou and Hana (you can notice their very high neko moe levels in the picture just below !)

Along with this wonderful portrait of ourselves drawn by Tro-Tro on the paper napkins.

 And finally this afternoon, Myriam organized a nice meet-up for the coming of Fanny Rosie, all the way from Canada. We were all sad Mila and Aliénor couldn't make it because of their exams... I did not attend all of the meeting myself, only the tea room part, hence why I have very few pictures. Anyway, Fanny is an incredibly lovely person and it was a pleasure to meet her, and of course to see everyone again !

I don't even have a proper outfit shot but let me tell you, my blues were all matching wonderfully. 

 And, for some reason I can not explain, almost all of the full body shots were ugly. Which means I kept even fewer pictures. But I can't wait to see the ones Tro-Tro took, she had a great lense and lots of pretty pictures, from what I've seen~

I leave you with this for today, —I have to catch up with these few hours that were not spent drawing — but I shall be back soon : the meet-up with Michiko is coming up next week, for which I am very excited, along with several forgotten outfit posts I need to publish.

Please take care, and don't forget to watch Kawaii International this week-end !


Work work work. It'll be hard to convince anyone that I'm working since those are the same ones I already posted when they were not finished but... I have 10 more ! Almost there !

dimanche 20 avril 2014

French Café — sold out !

Drawing maids these days because of French Café... It's all the Team's fault ! We haven't yet decided on an outfit, most likely they will match each of our personnalities~ I personnaly very much like the classic maid outfit, in black and white.

Anyway, today I wanted to thank you all for your overwhelming support. Tickets sold out so quickly, we only had a dozen left after the two first days of sale, and now they're all gone, it's simply crazy. We can't thank you enough ! The event truly exists only because of you, and we want to make it the best possible *(*´∀`*)☆

The team is also incredibly happy to see that our French-speaking attendees from Belgium, Switzerland and France will be joined by friends from many other countries, such as U.K, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, and more !

We have dutyfully taken into account the informations you've given us about your personnal favourite style so as to better adjust our many prizes you'll have a chance to win during the event ! You may have sneak peaks of the prizes later on, so please keep an eye open, because we're sure you're going to like them~

Morrover, for those of you looking for a place to stay, Mila has put together a super helpful list of cheap hotel in Paris ! 

We're hoping you'll have a wonderful day, thank you once again for your support and trust ♡

mercredi 16 avril 2014

London, IV

 Gifts for Mila and I from Lorina Lidell ! How cute is that ?

In the evening, we went to the Adventure Bar ! Which is very cool, but like many others, closes at 11pm on Sundays. Anyway, we got to dine (sensually) with Tom Cruise and that's all that matters.

Now, I have quite a hard time socializing and since we were mostly not together on this evening with my friends, added to the tiredness of the whole week-end, well, it made it very hard for me. And sad. Mostly sad. I'm sorry we left so quickly after finding another bar ;_;

Monday was the day we had our train back home, with some time before that to visit and do shopping. We held a contest in H&M : 15 minutes to put the ugliest outfit together. I think we all won. Mila was a homeless hipster, Diana adopted the redneck-at-the-beach style and I was a 14 years old girl attending her first party. (You can't really see but my t-shirt says "Twerk It".)

...Some dignity regained. Love these J&J socks (which were mismarked as tights; I think I have bought £23 socks when I could have had the exact same for £18. Oh, well.)

An uncanny likeness.

Fattest dessert  ever ate.

And after that (and a lovely visit to some strange shop selling costumes and weed seeds) it was already time to go back home. We met at the hotel with Aliénor who had spent the say amongst dinosaurs, and took our train just in time. The best nap of all naps ensued.

What I came back with~ I also won a AatP eyepatch at the Tea Party raffle but gave it to Ludovic since it was really the only item he liked. (If you're reading this, dear : I'll borrow it from you, one day.)

Lots of love on you, thank you so much for following~!