vendredi 31 octobre 2014


Why did I took such plain photos, you may ask ? I recently found the left piture in my folders. I was very surprised to see it was already two years ago. Or only two years ago ? So this morning, although I had a thousand other things to do, I dressed just as simple as for this long forgotten photo and went to the exact same spot. (This is almost science, yes, indeed !)

I hope it is frightening enough. Have a lovely Halloween with the mandatory stomach ache from too many sweets and please take care. And please hug lonely trees if you find them.

jeudi 30 octobre 2014

All the frills

It's been a lovely extended week-end, one in which we dressed up (it's been a long time, in truth), went out to eat crepes (the Princesse Crepe raffle has been our favourite excuse lately) and more generally just eat way too much. It was lovely to see Marina again, it had been a long time.

I tried on the wonderful Sister Maria OP and now I want it. It is actually the navy blue version ! I'd love to have the black one. Or even one of the lighter colors, who knows...

 Mila was opposed to me posting those pictures and I was opposed to not posting them, so you can enjoy her cuteness in this wonderful dress with added hearts !

Marina is not convinced by the length of Ave Maria which is almost an big as hers, and Claire is convinced by Mila's glasses.

Then I spend half an hour taking sensual pictures of the pretty Btssb and AatP currently in the shop. So many little details. I'm really convinced by their last accessories, the lace is wonderful, and who can resist gold accents ?

 The snowflake lace is a favourite of mine.

On Sunday, we went to eat raclette at Zoé's place. It was a lovely day filled with laughter and cheese.

It is also, sadly, the only day we got to see Tiya who was in Paris this week. 
To make it up for it Tiya, here is your face in a heart. Because lots of love.

And then Monday, we happily took the direction of Princesse Crepe once again, together with Mila, Zoé and Ludovic, not knowing that a terrible fate awaited us. We still haven't integrated the fact that the shop is closed on Mondays. Regardless, it was a nice day to take some pictures, and so we did.

I love Ludovic's backpack. Much leather. Very nu-goth.

Zoé was wonderful, all in black.

And Mila is the most cute of the cutest. I'm nearly fainting from hapiness every time she wears that Royal Chocolate jacket, it's so perfect. (Does it sounds like I'm in love yet..?)

As for me, I was very boldly wearing Moitié with AP. That lovely hairdo is the handiwork of my darling who knows how to make pretty things with hair (unlike me, which leads to embarassing situations like wearing pigtails in that Sister Maria dress.)

I guess you can see the result of this one on Mila's instagram.

( ˘ ³˘)❤

Speaking of love, Ludovic and Aliénor played us the most beautiful fake proposal in front of the Opéra. It's a story captured in five glorious pictures, and it's just below.

The aim being, of course, taking over the White House (at least !)

Tro-Tro had joined us as well~~

That's all until next time (next time which, I can already say, will be delicously spooky. I hope so !)