dimanche 7 juin 2015

Day out with Shimi

Last Monday we met Shimi who visited us from faraway Bretagne. Or would it be more like faraway Italy, this time ? We had planned our whole day around eating delicious Japanese-style crepes at Princess Crêpe, but unfortunately the shop was closed when we arrived. Exactly like every Monday since its opening. And yet we always manage to forget about it...

*pat pat* the pretty thing. Mila adopted Shimi's Pusheen plush for the day.

We made a mandatory visit to Btssb. It is emotionally incredibly difficult to go there these days, considering that they do have the perfect Harmonia dresses for sale and I want like 3 of them.

Mila has an history with that bags, which is that every time she visits Btssb it matches her outfit and she wants it even more. Look at that sad face :^:
Also Shimi looks so perfect in the white potato dress, yet she insists it does not suit her. We all disagree.


The Princess Crêpe failure called for something equally fancy to make up for our frustration. Matcha, chocolate and shôjo cake — or strawberry shortcake, if you prefer.

Dinner time with the best people ! We (almost) all ended up eating RAW MEAT. It was my first time trying and it was delicious. That was at this time that I forgot to take pictures so here are some from Mila's instagram and mine.

Some outfits shots taken before leaving~

Featuring Juliette et Justine JSK, AatP jacket and blouse, Angelic Pretty bag, 
Ank Rouge shoes, with Antique Beast and Grimoire hair accessories.

I can't wait for more lolita adventures very soon. Luckily, summer is coming...

3 commentaires:

  1. Awww what is the gace with matcha treats?! *__* Is it Sadoharu Aoki?

    And raw meat... you mean tartar? I ADORE IT *,,* Eat it almost every day while in France XD

  2. Chocolat cardigan <3
    I love your hair *-*
    It's so cute ><