dimanche 30 août 2015

Bottle of tears

 cast me a shadow
like a deep well
your shape’s shade
stand in front of me

cast a shadow on me
that lingers in dawn
pour the dark on me
and stand above

nurture the blooms above me
sow summer and meadow
i lie below
while you dawn above



I'm happy to have played with these pictures as much as I have, it is something I've wanted to try for a long time. The pictures themselves could have turned way better; I shall remind myself not to take photos at 7pm. These were taken at 1/15 speed with 1600 iso, things that one should definitely not do. I'm pushing the limits of grainy photos every time. Anyway.

For the interested, I am wearing Ruis Colletion dress, Bodyline tights, Angelic Pretty headbow, Ank Rouge shoes, and H&M accessories.

Thank you for looking !

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