mercredi 26 août 2015

Summer looks

  I have been buying more and more Angelic Pretty lately, all very casual; for the very good reason that sometimes wearing layers of black lace isn't an option. They provide a perfect excuse to still dress up for many occasions, and a nice change from all black outfits. I realized I acquired all items I had put in my casual wishlist last year, and it definitely is an accomplishment !

My favourite are motifs such as dots and gingham, and black is always good as far as colours go. More colours is too many colours. Also sky prints with constellations and shit. Always a favourite.

Therefore I'm playing a lot with clothes lately — meaning, more than usually. While trying on gives the best idea, laying an outfit flat is a great way of knowing what works and what doesn't (and it also saves time.) Here are some...

First off, some very casual things~



Then back to my usual lolita style, which is what I would dress up like if time and comfort weren't a thing. Classic and gothic styles are very satisfying to me. Obviously, they do match my taste in aesthetics; but more than that they are very fun and easy to work with (I've never made a gothic outfit with more than two colours in it...) It focuses a bit more on the overall feeling of an outfit, instead of for example the theme as it's often seen with sweet.

Thank you for looking, see you soon !

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