samedi 7 novembre 2015


Last week Tro-Tro & I decided it would be a shame not to do anything for Halloween, and planned a fancy-dressed outing to celebrate a bit. I hadn't had to plan an outfit the day before for a long time... It could have turned worse, admittedly. It was a beautiful bright day. Those picture are really nothing more than elaborate outfit shots, but I like them !

I was wearing MmM dress, BPN coat, Antique Beast headdress, J&J and Moss Märchen accessories, and my own natural gothicness.

Channeling Mana-sama.


Thank you for looking ☆

1 commentaire:

  1. Vous étiez parfaites ! J'aime la façon dont vos visions d’une tenue sombre se rejoignent tout en différant beaucoup l’une de l’autre.