samedi 21 novembre 2015

Iceland Poppy

Please excuse the fact that I wanted to try it on immediately, before washing & ironing it.

Wearing Seraphim OP, AP headbow, Taobao shoes, Btssb necklace.


Seraphim were very efficient when I ordered and FromJapan had received the dress within two days. It fits well, with the sleeved being just a little bit too short (and I am short). The only thing I'm disappointed with is the fact that it is not lined at all, the seams shows and it makes the garment a lonely layer of polyester, which feels a bit not enough for the price.

I feel close to Seraphim on a spiritual level. Therefore I need all of their dresses. Or mostly the long-sleeved Therese series and the beautiful Poupée OP, both in pretty much any color. Look at these !


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