samedi 24 janvier 2015

2015 wardrobe

Cross-posted to egl, because otherwise it's no fun.
Everything under the cut so save some space !

jeudi 22 janvier 2015

♡ La vie en Rose ♡

Street Fashion Europe and French Café are pleased to invite you to our next event !

 La vie en Rose event
February 21st, 2015
at L'Hôtel du Collectionneur

Our very exciting program for the main event this year includes selling stalls from renowned Japanese brands and indie creators,  exclusive fashion shows (that's right, it's a plural !), Q&A and talk shows with guests, a big raffle with lots of amazing prizes from our generous donators, and other surprises...!

We are very honored to announce the presence of our guests :

Mrs. Masumi Kanoh, the incredibly talented designer from Baby, the Stars Shine Bright will represent the brand ! She designed, among many others, the very popular Fragrant Rose Memories and Ave Maria series, as well as the iconic La Robe Vert Clair for Midori ♡ A signing session will be held exclusively for all Valentine tickets holders.

BABI & KAIE, designers and founders of Triple Fortune, will also honour us with their presence this year. It is their very first European appearance ! And they have already stated their wish to bring a lot of bonnets, I can't wait to see what they will bring ! Are you ready for some glorious kabe-don ?

Ayumi Watanabe, creator of the delicate and feminine brand Syrup., will also attend and bring her lastest designs to be sold at the event !

We are also very pleased to welcome Hitomi Nomura from Grimoire ! You will be able to purchase their lastest collection (and who wouldn't want some of their wonderful legwear ?) I was chosen to model for Grimoire during the fashion show, what a honor this is ;^;

And, last but not least, we will also welcome the iconic magazine Gothic & Lolita Bible ! They will publish a report and pictures on both days of event in the next issue !

That's not all !

You will also be able to find many other brands during the event : Juliette & Justine, Atelier Pierrot, Korean brands Evil Live and Baroque, as well as Austalian indie brand Peppermint Fox will be sold at our remote selling stall~ And, of course, many indie brand creators will also attend and have their dedicated stall ! To know all about the lovely brands attending, please check the exhibitor list on the website ! 

You can also check the facebook event or Street Fashion Europe page. We featured vendors, as well as, daily, our generous donators who make the raffle possible. We got a high number of incredible prizes this year thanks to them ! I hope you'll all get lucky in the raffle, and that you got to discover amazing brands~

On a very personal level, I am incredibly happy to be doing a collaboration with Owloli. These cute themed chokers, available in several colours and styles, will be sold at La vie en Rose for the first time ! You will, of course, also be able to find all of Owloli's newest (and always beautiful) creations on her stall.

So many Eiffel towers !

Will any of my readers attend ? And, most importantly, will you wear pink ? (Just kidding. Berets, stripes and baguette prints will also be accepted.)

Join us for this unique Street Fashion Europe event in Paris ♡

La vie en Rose will be followed by
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Paris 
8th anniversary Party 
at Fauchon le café

samedi 17 janvier 2015

Random Winter

Random pictures of random stuff.
I like stuff.

This is actually from this summer... I love Ank Rouge shoes so much !

Caught 'em all.

The lovely, lovely advent tea calendar Mila got me~~
And then books. Pretty books.

Weeb stuff. I'm almost not ashamed for my long-lasting love for that manga (10 years already !)
Still haven't played the thing though, I'm somehow afraid my computer might burst or something.

Michiko's gifts for Christmas, aah. I can't get over how perfect everything is. So much love.

And then some closeups, these are sneak-peaks from this year's wardrobe post. So many details !

And this was my gift from Mila ;w; I'm spoiled.


vendredi 2 janvier 2015

New year throwback : a tale in outfits (2014)

I was inspired by the yearly Tumblr posts listing the ten or so favourite outfits from the year to make this. These are almost all of my 2014 outfits. Making a list is actually quite uselful to see where one's style is going ! And I'm much more happier with this year's compared to last year's. I hesitated a lot and asked around before posting this. But it's pretty much like a timeline post, isn't it ?

In 2014 I went back to sweet (a bit) during Summer and it made me want more simple, cute clothes (like that damn red gigham skirt that's been haunting me for months). I also really need more blouses and accessories.
For 2015, I need to remember that sometimes bags are part of an outfit, and to take more simple, casual pictures of outerwear. Also I'd wish to have pictures taken at some point.

Looking back I love how every picture reminds me of a special occasion, like that bunny Holy Stained Glass that was for Valentine's day, and the bunch of Jesus dresses from last SFE's event in London, or the Belgian week-end and this summer's events.

So... How was everyone's year ?

May you always explore your creative side with your pretty clothes, make friends, have projects and share the love. I wish you all the best !