vendredi 19 février 2016

Ave Maria

Some recent unreasonable purchases ! Finally got that dream dress of mine... YEARS of searching for it, do you hear. It's shaped most strangely and can't hold a petti. Fine old J&J, I guess. 

I have no explanation for the butterflies other than "eh, why not". See how thought out it all is.

I thought this dress' release would be a bloodbath, how wrong that was ! Nicole got me the JSK when I was merely hoping for the shirt. What a nice turn of events. It's really nicer irl, but it still shines a lot, I guess.

Constellations collection is steadily growing !

dimanche 7 février 2016

Ambers (drawings)

First of all ☆ One of two projects that kept me busy lately, and it is French Café's next event~ In collaboration with Lyon-based association Aüra Lolita. French peeps check out the event page !



Donation for LA lolita day event, Winter Lumière. 
One copy has been printed and offered as a raffle prize, and I feel very honored that they asked me to contribute !

Commission for Myrsky's birthday~


Cutting down on the amount fo fanart I post... I've made so much. So. Much. You have no idea. I could make a decently-sized fanzine with one month's content. It is spiralling into madness as we speak. Please send help.

The best things that happened to the technical aspects of my drawing life are pencil-sketching beforehand (and for that I will forever be in Thali's debt) and one hour Twitter challenges. Who knew I could make better things in less time. Better, monochrome things.

I fancy my stuff cute and light-hearted.


Hey mama, when you leave, don't you leave a thing behind,
I don't want nothin', can't use nothin'