mercredi 18 janvier 2017

orphan joy

Welcome to yet another episode of our ongoing saga, "flat colours and no background because who gives a damn call this my aesthetic".

I haven't made a proper drawing post here in a year, if my tags are correct, so this is quite a mess. I'd like to get back into the habit of posting here, ideally, but do I have the self-discipline.

Commission for Fanny and a Thali birthday draw

Under the Sea postcard ! 

Why live if I can't make books ? Still have like 3 in stock, if you're curious.


This absolutely remains the Best commission request I've ever had.

But really I'm still having outrageous amounts of snk fun.

And you know nearly a year after i'm still mad he didn't get his plums
that and a proper trauma development :)

These days I'm trying to learn stuff and so I copy things.

Thank you for looking !

 P-S...... Scientists Can't Believe How Happy Checking 
The Upcoming French Café event Makes People, But It's True

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