samedi 15 avril 2017

Barcelona day 1

I had promised myself I'd publish those three humble articles quite quickly cos I kept pictures espacially for them and didn't want to make people wait, but then of course it didn't happen.

First day in Barcelona was spent trying to make sense of the public transportation services (no offense but like, what is even this) and visiting the city !

We ended up in the HP themed Pudding café by mid-day where we ate a lot, and for so cheap.

I didn't take pictures of anyone, whoops. If you'd like to see more and have actual practical info please head over Mila's blog.

Then we went over to Park Guell in which we didn't have the time to actually pay to take part in a visit but still walked in the free part for penniless tourists and enjoyed super views over the port and its biG cruise ships (seriously look at this). 

There I learnt love was, in its most fundamental form, trading shoes when they hurt so much I couldn't walk anymore. Sheds a few tears

The old part of the town really is a beauty and if we'd spent a little more time there I would have make sure to organize one impromptu photoshoot or twelve.

The cathedral is also a gem. Priests there can be seen sporting tasteful leather bdsm gear over their robes, though I'm keeping the pictures for myself.


Nothing I enjoy more than taking pictures of old architecture.


Stole Sandra's pic, please do see her video as well !!


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